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About US

Family Owned and operated. We solve electrical problems for our clients

JD Electric aims to provide the highest quality electrical services to private residences and commercial businesses. Above all else, we are dedicated to earning the trust of our customers through quality, precise workmanship. This is not something we merely strive for, it is who we are.

Our primary goal is to build lasting relationships with our clientele. We believe this must be created upon a foundation of trust. To this end, we promise to give honest opinions about the services that you truly need and will always appraise our work at a competitive and fair price. You will never be misguided or encouraged to overspend on top-quality work or replaceable parts.

All too often, we hear stories about customers being taken advantage of. This is both shameful and inexcusable. And it’s something you will never encounter when working with us.

In our pursuit of top-notch professionalism, we will first take the time to understand your specific needs so we may deliver flawless services that benefit you to the fullest. We will accurately diagnose electrical problems, resolve safety issues, and offer innovative ways to light your home or business.

Let us prove our dedication and workmanship to you. Honest, integrity and courteous service are what we promise. Quality, fast, sound work is what we provide.

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